“We worked with ISF on the interior design of our London flat, and I would willingly recommend her to anyone. Her knowledge of interior architecture and design is very pure, contemporary and practical, whilst her approach is genuine and yet professional. ISF has also now become a friend whose company we greatly enjoy.”
Taline Avakian, AVAKIAN Geneva, Switzerland

“I worked with ISF on a project for the World Health Organisation and found her attitude to design one of clarity, precision and strong sense of context.”
Piet Hein, Scientist, Inventor & Poet, Copenhagen, Denmark

“I have known ISF for a number of years and have always had much admiration for her intelligence, energy and application. However, I was not fully familiar with her abilities until we collaborated on a UN project and conference in Mumbai. ISF was a dynamo of energy, initiative and enthusiasm, applying herself with immense and sustained conscientiousness to both the project and the intellectual and organisational management. I have no doubt, that ISF has the capacity to make a success of whatever she sets her hand to.”
Nigel Harris, PhD, University College London, LONDON, UK

“ISF has an exceptional approach to her work because of her maturity, her extensive experience and travel, her intelligence and interests. No one I have worked with has ever shown more self-motivation, more interest and more enthusiasm for the work.”
Errol Barron, Prof. at the Dept of Architecture, Tulane University, New Orleans, USA

“I worked with ISF in her capacity as Manager for Mulberry’s Interior Design Services and ‘home’ products development in the UK and Japan. Her professional approach ensured that the home business grew considerably in all retail locations. Customer’s loved her confident approach, which resulted in great trust in her advice and direction.”
Chris Minns, Retail Director, The Mulberry Company (Design), London, UK